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composite film

Model 0037
Brand lingxiang
Min order 100
Supply ability 10000
Payment T/T
Port shenzhen
Certification QS ISO
Place Dongguan
Packaging CARTON

Product Description:

Product Description:

Aluminum foil packaging rapid development in the field of food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, electronic products, and has become an 

important part of the packaging field. Recently, some of the new features of aluminum foil packaging market concern. Various endless novelty 

packaging. Because aluminum foil unique and easy to bend performance; excellent adhesion, heat sealing properties; excellent surface printing 

performance and decorative effect, richer appearance packaging design to become a new feature of the aluminum foil packaging applications.

Main Characteristics:

 High barrier in vapor, all kinds of other gases and lights; PE of the inner surface can keep good heat insulation to make it own excellent air tightness, 

and extend the preservative period of its contents; with extensiveness and compressive strength, and the performance of heat-sealing at low temperature, 

especially applied to those drugs which can't be packed at high temperature; especially applied to those drugs which can't be packed at high temperature; 

one of the structures PET/AL/PE product can be perfectly printable.

Main Applications:

It can be applied to the food, health products, drug Particle, powder chemicals,etc.

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